World Bank: Investing in pastoralism 20 years ago

For an historical perspective on pastoral development in Africa, look at the World Bank Technical Paper 365 “Investing in pastoralism: sustainable resource use in arid Africa and the Middle East”, by David Pratt, Francois Le Gall & Cees de Haan (1997, 174pp). The first part deals with natural resource management (NRM), different pastoral systems, assessment of population pressure and overgrazing and enabling policies and institutional framework for pastoral development (land tenure, essential services etc). The second part provides guidelines for specific project interventions and components related to, among other things, herder organisations, government support systems, drought management and development process monitoring. The annexes include information about pastoralists’ customary NRM, new concepts in NRM (including range ecology in disequilibrium), participatory rural appraisal (PRA) methodologies, livestock credit schemes and wildlife management projects, plus a user guide for planning pastoral development.

Posted on 3 October 2017 in General Policy Documents, Pastoralism & Natural Resources