Voices of Kenyan Maasai about climate change

As part of the project “Conversations with the Earth“, which brings indigenous voices from around the world to convey their experiences of climate change, Maasai youth near Oltepesi in Kajiado District, Kenya, made their own film. They documented the impacts of the 2009 drought in their area, killing livestock and people, threatening their livelihoods and causing widespread suffering in their communities. In the film Eng’eno Eishoi Ng’ejuk (Knowledge for the young generation), the youth interview their elders (men and women). They show how their traditions and knowledge provide guidance for adaptation to change and how their communities are taking action. The 14-minute film is in the Maa language with English subtitles.

Posted on 30 September 2012 in Pastoralism & Climate Change, Pastoralism & Services