Terminology: grazing lands & grazing animals

The Forage and Grassland Foundation (USA), the International Grassland Congress and the International Rangeland Congress jointly compiled an International terminology for grazing lands and grazing animals (2011) that brings a consensus about terms and definitions so as to ensure clear international communication regarding grazing lands and grazing animals. The terms refer to both domesticated and wild grazing animals, and refer mainly to vegetation and land-use systems rather than to people and social systems, so terms such as “pastoralists” are not included. However, the terminology does include agro-sylvo-pastoralism and nomadic, semi-sedentary and transhumant systems of using rangelands and could be a useful reference when communicating about pastoralism, e.g. in publications or proposals. It is in an open-access article from Grass and Forage Science and can be found at:


Posted on 16 September 2016 in Pastoralism & Natural Resources