Sugar versus agro-pastoralism in southern Ethiopia

The Oakland Institute, an independent think-tank in the United States, explains how land deals in the Lower Omo Valley of southern Ethiopia are affecting the lives of the indigenous Bodi, Suri, Mursi, Hamer, Dassenach and other agro-pastoralists. The September 2011 Land Deal Brief “Understanding land investment deals in Africa“ sees half a million lives threatened by land development for sugar plantations in this culturally and ecologically unique area. The 5-page brief explores the question as to who benefits from industrial agriculture and what this means for the future of the local livestock keepers and of the Omo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  This is part of a major study on land investment deals in Africa; see the full list of publications.

Posted on 29 December 2011 in Value of Pastoralism