CELEP’s 2nd annual meeting in KDSC, Dublin, 16-18 June 2010

The 2nd annual meeting of the Coalition reviewed CELEP actions taken – EU lobbying, establishing first entry points – framing CELEP objectives in a way that resonates with the agendas of the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) – emphasis on the importance of ‘knowing your audience’. Conclusions on some of the positives: an interest in pastoralism issues among MEPs – potential to link Southern and Northern actions for positive effect. Some challenges: balancing CELEP work with ‘normal work’ – not enough lobbying capacity within CELEP members – not all participants ‘active’ – difficulty of staff changes – issues with formality and informality of organisation – not a lot of reaction to position papers circulated – how to broaden ‘membership’. Discussion groups on four questions: 1.How to balance CELEP work with other work – ideas and solutions? 2. How to maintain active participation of all ‘members’? 3. How to link North and South: issues of presentation and skills (e.g. lobbying and activism)? 4. Any issues / challenges overlooked?

Cordaid’s presentation on CELEP’s approach to lobbying for pastoralism in Eastern Africa can be found here.

Members of 2nd CELEP annual meeting, Kimmage, 16-28 June 2010, with MEP Guy MitchellFor the full report, please CLICK HERE: CELEP meeting June 2010 Final Report (537)

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