Policy briefs on pastoralism for the G8 New Alliance agenda

The Future Agricultures Consortium (FAC), the National Drought Management Agency in Kenya and Tufts University have produced a series of policy briefs in early 2014 examining critical issues for the New Alliance to consider in pastoral areas. The New Alliance is a G8 initiative to harness private-sector investment in agriculture to strengthen food security and nutrition. The pastoral areas of the Horn of Africa are economically dynamic, with a combined export and domestic livestock trade surpassing $1 billion per annum. Livestock marketing is driving urban and small-town growth, employment and a regionwide system of trade. Ambitions for growth and transformation in the region will depend in part on the continued success and expansion of livestock trade, coupled with investments to expand infrastructure, basic services and social assistance. The policy briefs explore how to promote inclusive growth in pastoralist areas of Ethiopia and neighbouring countries, focusing on social protection, investment and livestock trade:

The policy briefs are meant to stimulate discussion among government, donor and private-sector actors. These briefs, as well as recent FAC working papers on pastoralism, are available at: http://future-agricultures.org/pastoralism/7984-pastoralism-in-ethiopia.

Posted on 8 June 2014 in Pastoralism & Marketing, Pastoralism & Services, Pastoralism, Policy & Power, Pastoralist Livelihoods & Nutrition, Value of Pastoralism