Pastoralist lobbying & advocacy in Eastern Africa

A review of the pastoralist lobbying and advocacy context in Eastern Africa was made to inform the consultative process that RECONCILE (Resource Conflict Institute) is facilitating on how to enhance the capacity of pastoralist civil society to influence policy processes at multiple levels. The report Pastoralist lobby and advocacy in Eastern Africa, produced in October 2011, discusses selected national and regional policy and legal frameworks and the opportunities and challenges they present for the development of pastoralist communities and of pastoralism as a production system. It presents an overview of civil society lobbying and advocacy initiatives, their strategies and some of the challenges they face. It highlights the need to strengthen ongoing lobbying and advocacy efforts in view of the fast-changing policy context and increased pressure on pastoralist land and other resources in the region. It calls for setting up a Pastoralist Lobbying and Advocacy Facility for Eastern Africa.

Posted on 4 October 2012 in Pastoralism, Policy & Power