Pastoralism: a media handbook for Uganda

In early 2015, the CELEP partner organisation COPASCO (Coalition of Pastoralist Civil Society Organisations) brought out a media handbook on Pastoralism (24 pp). It is meant to provide a quick reference guide that can be used by journalists and other media practitioners to help influence perceptions, policy and practice related to pastoralism among Ugandan policymakers and the general public. It describes in an easily understandable way what pastoralism is, why it is important, the challenges that pastoralists face, and the role that media can play in dispelling myths about pastoralism and portraying its reality.

COPACSO is a coalition of 20 civil society organisations (18 in Uganda, 2 international) working on issues related to pastoralism and agropastoralism in Uganda. It provides a platform for member organisations to engage in policy formulation and advocacy for recognition of pastoralism.  The CELEP member organisation Cordaid in the Netherlands provided COPASCO with funding support to bring out this publication.

Posted on 11 March 2015 in CELEP Documents, Pastoralism & Mobility, Pastoralism, Policy & Power, Value of Pastoralism