Advocating for animal health services adapted to pastoralism

How should animal health services be organised so as to provide good-quality community-based services adapted to the needs of pastoralists? Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Belgium (VSFB) – acting CELEP focal point since 2013 – tried to answer this question by holding a series of workshops together with Réseau Billital Maroobe (RBM) in West Africa in 2015-17 in order to give pastoralists the opportunity to define their vision and recommendations on this topic. During a workshop in Senegal in November 2017, CELEP member up4change made a video that will be used for future advocacy activities of both VSFB and RBM. One of the workshop participants was Diary Ba, Secretary General of the women pastoralist group within RBM:

“We are Fulani, we are pastoralists, and animal health is very important to us. Because it’s through this activity that we make a living, that our relatives make a living. So it is important that one is concerned with this, and that we are assisted to improve the health of our herds to improve their productivity and to assure social and economic development. This workshop will help us to identify all underlying problems and to come up with solutions related to animal health and how we can become resilient regarding these problems …” (Diary Ba)

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Posted on 31 January 2018 in News, Pastoralism & Services, Videos about Pastoralism