Making rangelands secure: past experiences & future options

Much progress has been made in developing policy and legislation that support recognition of customary rights to land. However, many commons remain highly vulnerable, with land being removed by governments for national parks and large tracts appropriated for commercial agricultural investment. This is particularly true of the rangelands. Policies and legislation still fail to provide adequate protection to many rangeland users. ILC (International Land Coalition) seeks to identify how to strengthen land-users’ security over their common property resources. It focuses on multi-use territories such as rangelands, where the vulnerability of resource users is particularly high. Making rangelands secure: past experience & future options explores experiences of land and resource tenure in rangelands, mainly in Africa. It discusses the limitations of many of the approaches used thus far and identifies alternatives with potential for providing greater security of tenure to rangeland users.

Posted on 15 May 2012 in Pastoralism & Mobility, Pastoralism & Natural Resources, Pastoralism, Policy & Power