Making Rangelands Secure Bulletin 3 (June 2013)

The third issue of “Making Rangelands Secure: news, views and experiences of policymakers, practitioners and communities on making rangelands secure for local users”, reports on the March 2013 symposium in London, UK, on conservation and land grabbing; protecting livestock corridors in Tanzania; Maasai women’s fight for land rights in Loliondo, Tanzania; participatory rangeland management in Ethiopia; landuse planning in the Tana Delta of Kenya; pastoral resource mapping in Longido District, Tanzania; the Pastoral Peoples’ Parliament in India; and developing land laws to support community-managed pastureland in Mongolia. The 12-page bulletin can be found on the rangelands-tenure page of the Land Portal  under

Posted on 4 July 2013 in Pastoralism & Gender, Pastoralism & Mobility, Pastoralism & Natural Resources, Pastoralism & Services, Pastoralism, Policy & Power, Pastoralist Livelihoods & Nutrition