Lunch-Conference on Pastoralism: an opportunity to battle poverty and climate change


On the 10th of June a lunch conference on pastoralism will be held in the  Infopoint-External Cooperation of the European Commission.  This lunch-conference will stress the importance of pastoralism as a viable way for people in fragile regions to adapt to these contemporary and age-old challenges. The speakers included are:

  1. Mrs. Sarah Ossiya, African Union – Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources

    2.   Mr. Michael Odhiambo – Resource Conflict Institute

    3.   Mr. David Nkedianye – Reto-o-Reto Kenya

This lunch-conference will be held on

June 10th from 12h30-13h30 at the Infopoint-External Cooperation of the European Commission in the Rue de la loi 43, on the ground floor. You can subscribe for the conference by sending an email to indicating Lunch-conference on pastoralism June 10th and your name.

Please find  the invitations in English (401)  and in French (455)here!

As a part of the Development Education Project of Vétérinaires Sans Frontières-Europa, Vétérinaires Sans Frontières-Belgium as member of CELEP – organizes together with the Food First program a lunch-conference on pastoralism. An overview of the Food First program can be found in this folder (457)

Posted on 7 June 2011 in CELEP Documents, News