CORDAID: Lobbying for Pastoralism: Opportunities for CELEP and for African Co-operation

• Objectives
• Steps in the lobby process
• Opportunities in the EU programs
• East African lobby network
• Conclusions

Goals and Objectives for pastoralist lobbying
• Overal Goal = Recognition of economic role of pastoralists and pastoralism in Eastern Africa
• Objective 1: Bring Pastoralists and their issues to the agenda of decision and policy makers in the EU and member states
• Objective 2 : Get consistent policy attention for pastoralists and their livelihood system in relevant policies (human rights, economic/rural/livestock sector development, food security, infrastructure, African regional integration, climate change/sustainable development)
• Objective 3: Get improved and focused EU funding for Pastoralists

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Posted on 21 September 2010 in CELEP Documents, Pastoralism, Policy & Power