Kimmage DSC: Land Issues in Karamoja Pastoral Region of Uganda (16-18 June 2010)

by Ambroise Dbins Toolit

Degazatted land for wildlife (Gov’t) in hectares:

Amudat Community Wildlife Management Area 205,300
Central Karamoja (Napak) Controlled Hunting Area 22,451
Iriri Community Wildlife Management Area 104,600
Karenga Community Wildlife Management Area 95,600
North Karamoja Controlled Hunting Area 1,079,330
South Karamoja Controlled Hunting Area 789,970
Total land size 2,297,251 Ha

Kidepo Valley National Park 143,000
Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve 230,400
Lomunga Wildlife Reserve 18,400
Matheniko Wildlife Reserve 175,700
Bokora Corridor Wildlife Reserve 181,600
Total land size 749,100 Ha

For the full presentation, please CLICK HERE: Land Grabbing in Karamoja (834)

Posted on 21 September 2010 in Pastoralism & Natural Resources