IGAD initiative to end drought disasters in Horn: call for community engagement

IGAD’s Drought Disaster and Sustainability Initiative (IDDRSI) has supported member states in the Horn of Africa to develop Country Programming Papers and investment plans. Non-state actors see these plans as not transformative enough and not addressing the underlying causes of vulnerability. There are no guarantees that all investments will be assessed for socio-economic and environmental impact. There are no mechanisms to ensure that communities are engaged in determining their local development priorities. There are no transparency, accountability and monitoring mechanisms outlined to ensure that the funds benefit vulnerable communities. The REGLAP policy brief on IGAD IDDRSI (Oct 2012) demands that non-state actors, including representatives of communities in the Horn, be engaged at regional, national and local level in design, implementation and monitoring of the IGAD initiative. The REGLAP position paper outlines priorities for ending drought emergencies in the Horn of Africa.

Posted on 25 December 2012 in News, Pastoralism & Natural Resources, Pastoralism, Policy & Power