Helping Tanzanian pastoralists & hunter-gatherers secure land

A case study in the International Land Alliance (ILC) database of good practices is presented by UCRT (Ujamaa Community Support Team), a partner organisation of CELEP. The study “Supporting communities of pastoralists and hunter-gatherers to secure land and sustainably manage resources” (2017, 10pp) by Edward Loure (UCRT) and Amira Kheir (ILC) describes UCRT’s work with pastoralist and hunter-gatherer communities in northern Tanzania, where it has assisted the Maasai community of Terrat village in Simanjiro District and the Hadzabe community in securing their land and natural resources and in strengthening their livelihoods. UCRT has supported activities such as Village Land-Use Planning, Cultural Mapping and Community Tourism.

Posted on 7 August 2017 in Pastoralism & Natural Resources, Pastoralism, Policy & Power