From conflict to coping in southern Ethiopia

The study “From Conflict to Coping: evidence from southern Ethiopia on the contributions of peacebuilding to drought resilience among pastoralist groups” was undertaken by Mercy Corps to examine if and how its peacebuilding programmes have affected key factors related to drought resilience. The study generated evidence on the extent to which peacebuilding efforts that rely on skills building and sustained dialogue among conflicting parties can serve as an effective form of disaster risk reduction (DRR). It shows that effective peacebuilding interventions can create conditions that increase drought resilience among pastoralists in southern Ethiopia. Such efforts can mitigate the need for large-scale humanitarian relief during periods of severe drought. The evidence makes clear that greater consideration and dedicated resources should be provided for conflict management within DRR policies and programmes in Ethiopia, including in the Ethiopian Government’s Disaster Risk Management Strategic Programme and Investment Framework. The study offers several recommendations for programming intended to strengthen resilience among pastoralist communities in the Horn of Africa.

Posted on 2 March 2012 in News, Pastoralism & Climate Change, Pastoralism & Natural Resources