Ecology, equity & economics: reframing dryland policy

2-page IIED Opinion: Lessons from adaptation in practice – by Ced Hesse (Nov 2011)  

Drylands are among the world’s most variable and unpredictable environments. But people
here have long learnt how to live with and harness this variability to support sustainable and
productive economies, societies and ecosystems. Policymakers have for too long ignored this
wealth of experience and expertise with dire consequences. Attempts to replace traditional
land-use practices with modern techniques have simply exacerbated poverty, degradation and conflict. In the face of climate change and increasing uncertainty in the drylands, the need
to reframe policy and practice has never been greater. The future must be built on sound
scientific information, local knowledge, informed participation and the wisdom of customary
institutions that emphasise social equity, ecological integrity and economic development.

English version: 2011 Hesse opinion 17106IIED

French version

Posted on 1 March 2012 in News, Pastoralism, Policy & Power