Contribution of livestock to Ugandan economy

A briefing paper of the IGAD Center for Pastoralist Areas & Livestock Development assesses “The contribution of livestock to the Ugandan economy” (2013, 4pp). The study assigns monetary values to the non-marketed goods and services provided by livestock, and estimates the contribution of livestock to the wider national economy – as exports, as inputs into manufacturing industries, and as a component of household consumption. The re-assessment estimated an increase of 87% above official estimates of the contribution of livestock to agricultural Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2009. A specialised study of livestock production in Karamoja is recommended, seeing as estimates suggest that the returns per hectare of land in pastoral systems were almost 7 times higher than returns to ranching systems in south-western Uganda. The brief is based on a working paper (2012, 37pp) with the same title.

Posted on 7 January 2018 in Value of Pastoralism