Community views on education for nomads

The booklet Towards education for nomads: community perspectives in Kenya (2010, 35pp) by Izzy Birch, Sue Cavanna, Daoud Abkula and Diyad Hujale captures the voices and concerns of Kenyan pastoralists about education. It was produced as part of a broader action-research programme to guide the Government of Kenya’s strategy for nomadic education. The purpose of the publication is to share the views of pastoralists with education policymakers and practitioners, particularly those in Kenya who are in a position to act on them. After a brief summary of the consultation process, the booklet summarises pastoralists’ thoughts about the current education system in Kenya and the ways in which it could be adapted to better serve their needs.

The booklet include a DVD supplement “Voices of the people” with footage from the consultations on education with Boran, Somali, Gabra and Turkana nomadic pastoral communities in Northern Kenya. This film has proved to be a key tool in influencing government policy. It represents the beginning of a dialogue between nomadic pastoral herders of Northern Kenya and educational policymakers in Nairobi.

Posted on 3 February 2017 in Pastoralism & Services