CELEP update February 2016

The CELEP update for February 2016 reports on past, ongoing and planned activities of the CELEP Focal Point at VSF-Belgium. The report and workplan from the CELEP Annual Meeting held in late November in The Hague, Netherlands, is already posted here. Ongoing and upcoming activities include the visit of European Members of Parliament (MEPs) to Kenya in mid-February, where the MEPs will be hosted in Nakuru by CELEP partner RECONCILE; a visit by one of the MEPs to Uganda immediately afterwards; bringing inputs from pastoralist civil society organisations into the IFAD-organised Farmers Forum in mid-February; a proposal by Terra Nuova to organise a fact-finding mission to Eastern Africa, possibly on land issues; and management of the CELEP website.

Posted on 11 February 2016 in CELEP Documents, Update