CELEP 2013 annual meeting in Rome, Italy

The 5th annual meeting of CELEP, hosted by Vétérinaires Sans Frontières (VSF)–Italy, was held on 8–10 October 2013 at the offices of the Italian Society for Preventative Veterinary Medicine (SIMeVeP) in Rome. Eighteen European members and Eastern African partners attended. The “pledges” about activities to be undertaken in the past year were reviewed, and the lobbying strategy and activities in the coming year were planned.

The first day was mostly a recap of past activities: both the focal point in EU as well as the focal organisation in Eastern Africa made a report on CELEP activities in 2013 and gave an update on pastoralist issues. This was followed by a brief introduction to the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), which met at the same time in Rome. Based on this presentation, some ideas for lobbying and advocacy were developed. On Day 2, the participants set to work and started developing an action plan for the next year, rotating between three World Café tables focused on EU lobbying and advocacy, synergies with other initiatives and the African Union policy framework on pastoralism. Thanks to this method, an action plan could be developed in a very participatory way. On Day 3, this action plan was presented and approved by all. Then organisational issues for CELEP were discussed and related decisions taken. A new core group was elected, composed of Cordaid (Alba/Rogier), VSF-B (Koen/Joep), Concern Worldwide (Thomas), COPACSO (Benjamin), PFE (Tezera), Reconcile (Peter Ken Otieno). VSF-Belgium was re-elected as the focal point for 2014. Finally, CELEP’s main communication tools (including this website) were discussed and the way forward decided.

Now the action is up to the different members and partners of CELEP to carry out the action plan. Please contact Koen Van Troos (k.vantroos@vsf-belgium.org) at VSF-Belgium for any questions about past or future meetings and other CELEP activities.

The report on the meeting and the presentations made at the meeting can all be found here:




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