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By: Ann

Nomadic custodians: securing land-use rights

As part of the Global Call to Action in Indigenous and Community Land Rights, the International Land Coalition (ILC) brought out the 16-pp colourful brochure “Nomadic custodians: a case for securing pastoralist land rights” (2016, 16pp). This focuses on the need to secure land rights for the world’s pastoralists, who use land under community-based governance […]

By: Ann

2017 CELEP AGM in Brussels on 8–9 November

By: Ann

Review of “The future of pastoralism”

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) devoted an entire issue of its Scientific and Technical Review (Vol. 35, Issue 2, 2016, 720pp) to the topic of pastoralism – its history, pastoral systems in different parts of the world, recent developments in policy and practice, and opportunities for the future. The editors – Jakob Zinsstag […]

By: Ann

Resolving farmer–pastoralist conflict in Tanzania

Land-use conflict is not a new phenomenon for pastoralists and farmers in Tanzania, with killing of people and livestock often featuring in the news. Various actors, including NGOs, have tried to address crop farmer–pastoralist conflict through mass education programmes, land-use planning, policy reforms and developing community institutions, but these efforts have not been successful. According […]

By: Ann

Assessing resilience of pastoralist households to drought

The article “Applying the concept of resilience to pastoralist household data” (2017, 18pp, published in Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice) by John McPeak and Peter Little explores the concept of resilience applied to rangeland areas in Africa. Reconsidering household data from northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia from a resilience perspective, it shows how different livelihood […]

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