CELEP 2016 annual meeting in London, UK

The 2016 annual meeting of the Coalition of European Lobbies for Eastern African Pastoralism (CELEP) was held on 5–7 October in IIED headquarters in London, United Kingdom. It was hosted by IIED and organised by Vétérinaires Sans Frontières–Belgium (VSFB).

A total of 25 people took part, including European members and Eastern African partners of CELEP. On the first day of the 3-day meeting, Marcel Rutten from the African Studies Centre, Leiden, spoke about the land-water nexus in semi-arid Kenya. Saverio Krätli and Ilse Köhler-Rollefson then spoke about the potentials and pitfalls of Biocultural Community Protocols and implications for investments in pastoral regions. On the second and third day, past activities of CELEP were discussed and future ones defined in working groups. The report on the annual meeting and the workplan for 2016-17 (in the annex) can be found here.

The activity report for CELEP for 2015-2016 was presented during the meeting and can be found here. The past 12 months have been particularly busy for CELEP, with activities in Europe, in Eastern Africa and in Canada for the International Rangelands Congress (IRC).

The CELEP workplan for 2016-17 can be found here.

Posted on 11 August 2016 in CELEP Documents, News, Pastoralism & Extractives, Pastoralism & Natural Resources, Pastoralism, Policy & Power