2-week training on pastoralism & policy options in E Africa

Understand, advocate for and inform improved pastoral policies & practices in East Africa

This 2-week pastoral training course has been successful delivered at MS-TCDC (Training Centre for Development Cooperation) near Arusha, Tanzania, for the last six years. It is designed to improve the capacity of pastoralists to inform and influence national and regional policies to improve pastoral livelihoods in East Africa, particularly on issues of access to and control over natural resources, livestock health, livestock trade, and regional and global integration of pastoralists. The course is meant for leaders of pastoral civil-society groups, policymakers including government and donors at local, regional and national levels, project staff, Members of Parliament and other key actors from the public and private sectors.

The course is currently under review to update its content and method of delivery in the light of the changing circumstances in policy at regional and national levels in Eastern Africa and the Horn. The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), the Resource Conflict Institute (RECONCILE), Tufts University and TCDC – the training course’s custodians – plan to launch a fully revised and updated training programme in support of pastoralism in 2013–14. In the meantime, tailor-made training courses for between 16 and 22 participants are still on offer; please contact Ced Hesse at IIED (ced.hesse@iied.org) for further information.

Posted on 1 March 2012 in News, Pastoralism & Services, Pastoralism, Policy & Power